Virtual Meetings and Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss and Remote WorkDuring the COVID-19 pandemic, virtual meetings have become an imperative part of our everyday work lives. Most people, regardless of their hearing ability, experienced new communication challenges while learning to navigate remote meetings. Unfortunately, people with hearing loss are at an unfair disadvantage and often experience an increase in difficulty communicating during virtual meetings with their co-workers.

A recent article by compiled these tips to help everyone communicate more effectively in virtual meetings:

  • Make Time for Introductions
  • Use Video
  • Check Lighting
  • Keep Your Mouth Unobstructed
  • Use the Mute Button
  • Wait Your Turn
  • Share Your Screen
  • Record Your Meeting

For people with hearing loss, these additional tips for virtual meetings may be helpful:

  • Use Earbuds/Headphones With Your Computer or Other Device
  • Sync Up With Hearing Aids
  • Speak Up

For more information, click here to read the full article by If you are already a patient of ours, contact Dr. Engel to address the communication challenges you are experiencing. If you suspect you may be struggling with hearing loss, contact us for a free initial consult and hearing screening.