Custom Earmolds, Earplugs and Monitors

Sudden or prolonged exposure to loud noises can damage your ears and cause hearing loss. If you have a profession or hobby that involves prolonged exposure to noise, it is imperative that you protect your ears. Hearing and Audiology Services is proud to offer custom-fitting ear molds, ear plugs and even monitors for musicians!

People Typically Involved in a High-Noise Environment Include:

  • Target Shooters
  • Motorcyclists
  • Musicians
  • Pilots
  • Construction Workers
  • Air Traffic Controllers
  • Factory Workers
  • Recording Engineers
  • Sound Crews
  • Band Teachers
  • Concert-Goers
  • DJ’s
  • Professional Athletes
  • Coaches
  • Referees
  • Truck Drivers
  • Industrial Workers

Custom Earmolds

Earmolds can be solid or soft, full-shell (for high-levels of noise) or half-shell (for mid-level noise exposure), and come in varying sizes and colors. Off-the-shelf earmolds are available, but may not provide a comfortable or secure fit. Custom earmolds are made to fit the contour of your ear and offer some of the best hearing protection available.

Custom Earplugs

Earplugs are designed to be worn in the ear canal. You can purchase non-custom earplugs over-the-counter. Specialty earplugs are custom-fit to your ear canal, provide more comfort, and even can be equipped with handles or detachable cords. Earplugs are not only for protection from high noise levels. We make custom earplugs for swimmers and those who wish to block out noise while sleeping.

Musicians’ Earplugs and Monitors

Musicians’ come with a unique set of hearing protection needs. They need to protect their hearing from prolonged exposure, but they also need to be able to hear the music they are creating and the sound of other music and voices around them. Conventional earplugs provide too much protection causing voices and sound to be muffled and unnatural. At Hearing and Audiology Services, we provide custom earplugs, non-custom earplugs, in-ear musician monitors and universal-fit musician monitors designed specifically for musicians to provide mid to low frequency protection. They reduce sound to a safe level without distorting natural voices and music around them.

As with any other hearing device, we highly recommend custom-fit earplugs, earmolds and monitors to achieve optimum results and increase the fit and comfort. It is imperative that you work with an experienced audiologist like Dr. Engel to ensure you get the device best suited to your needs with the best possible fit. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.