Signia Hearing Aids, Hearing Aid Accessories, Earmolds, Swim Plugs, and Custom Ear Plugs

Signia 1Hearing & Audiology Services is a proud provider of Signia hearing-related products including hearing aids, hearing aid accessories, ear molds, swim plugs, and custom ear plugs. Signia’s mission is simply to enhance human performance. By combining world-class audiology with cutting-edge technology, they empower people to perform exceptionally.

Why Signia?

  • Signia developed the world’s first hearing aid platform that uses two separate processors to process speech and background noise separately. This latest dual-processing technology delivers unprecedented speech clarity.
  • Signia has one of the most versatile product selections and designs for its hearing instruments.
  • Signia offers performance designs for all levels of hearing loss, innovative designs to appeal to a wider customer base, and designs ideal for fighting stigma.
  • Signia provides industry-leading customer support. Click here to read a recently-released statement from Signia.
  • Signia is the only manufacturer to provide Own Voice Processing, a technology that can separate the wearer’s own voice from other speech and noise for a natural sound. This technology increases first-fit acceptance to 80% and keeps patients engaged in conversations.

Other Features Available from Signia

  • Rechargeable or disposable battery-operated devices
  • Streaming via iPhone and some Android devices
  • Face mask mode: a boost in speech audibility in the app to help with masked speakers
  • Tinnitus support: sound therapies and the Signia exclusive Signia Notch Therapy for support against the annoyance of tinnitus
  • Telecare: virtual connection to remote care when in-person visits aren’t ideal or possible

Interested in learning more about the wide variety of custom-fitting audiology technology available from Signia? Fill out a contact form today; we look forward to empowering you to perform exceptionally!