Hearing Aid Repair and Maintenance

Even if you care for your hearing aid properly, the small working parts are likely going to need repair and maintenance at some point. If you feel your hearing aid is not working properly for any reason, stop by our office even if you purchased it elsewhere. Regardless of where you acquired your hearing aid, we are happy to provide hearing aid repair and maintenance services for almost every major manufacturer. First, we will diagnose the problem and determine what kind of hearing aid repair is necessary. Most often, we provide in-office repairs. But if we cannot fix your hearing aid in our office, we will send it to the manufacturer for repair.

All hearing aids come with a warranty when purchased new. We will help you determine if the warranty that came with your hearing aid has expired. Even if it has expired, it is possible for us to have most hearing aids repaired for a small fee. No matter who manufactured it, where you purchased it, or whether or not the warranty is expired, contact us today or stop by the office if you need your hearing aid repaired. Hearing and Audiology Services looks forward to improving your listening experience as quickly as possible!