Trouble with Signia Hearing Aids Bluetooth Connectivity?

In recent weeks, we have had a lot of questions about connecting Signia hearing aids to Bluetooth. Signia released the following statement that we’d like to share with you all!

As recently communicated, we are currently working to resolve a connectivity sensitivity between AX devices updated with our most recent firmware and Apple devices. If experienced, one hearing aid will intermittently disconnect from streaming until you restart it — this most commonly occurs when the hearing aids are out of Bluetooth® range.

The good news is Signia supports you. All hearing aids purchased after September 1, 2022 will have an extended warranty until new firmware is released to resolve this streaming sensitivity*.

In the meantime, please see below for additional findings and recommendations:

finding and recommendation

For more tips for maximizing your streaming experience, Signia recommends you review the Connectivity Best Practices guide.

We hope this information serves as a helpful resource for you. Please remember you can always call our office at (919) 834-4327 with additional questions; we are standing by ready to help you!

*Warranty will be extended until the firmware is released that resolves the known cause of this intermittent disconnect.