Raleigh Audiologist Dr. Andi Engel Answers Questions About Signia Hearing-Related Products

SigniaWe recently asked Dr. Andi Engel, the audiologist here at Hearing & Audiology Services in Raleigh, NC, why she often recommends Signia hearing products to her patients. Read the interview to learn more about the Signia brand, its cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled customer service.

What sets Signia apart from other brands?

Signia’s mission is simply: Enhancing Human Performance: They combine world-class audiology with cutting-edge technology to empower people to perform exceptionally. Most recently, they developed the world’s first hearing technology that can process speech and background noise separately, something called dual processing technology.

Why do you gravitate toward Signia branded products over others?

There are a lot of great companies and technologies, but I gravitate toward Signia because they do not believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. They not only have great technology in their product, but they also have one of the most versatile product selections and designs for their hearing instruments. In addition, they have performance designs for any level of hearing loss, innovative designs to appeal to a wider customer base, and designs ideal for fighting stigma. They also have industry-leading customer support!

What types of products does Signia produce? 

Signia makes a versatile product line of hearing aids, earmolds, hearing aid accessories (TV transmitters/remote controls for hearing aids), swim plugs, and custom ear plugs.

Can you tell me a little more about each one of these products? 

As previously mentioned, Signia has a versatile product of hearing devices, including one disguised as an earbud, with a sleek, stigma-fighting design. Earmolds are designed for those with more moderate to profound hearing losses to help hold in more sound and get the best sound quality and understanding out of a hearing aid. They are custom-made through the process of an impression taken in the office and an earmold specifically designed and created to each individual ear.

When hearing aids are not enough, Signia does have a TV transmitter to stream TV directly from the television into the individual’s hearing instruments. It allows the hearing aid wearer to have a separate volume control from others in the room as well and to receive the clearest sounding signal from the TV. The individual’s iPhone or Android phone can be utilized as a remote control through the use of an app. However, if a phone is not available or not preferred, Signia does make a simple and easy-to-use remote control to change the volume or programs of a hearing instrument.

Finally, custom earplugs can be made for several different purposes. One may desire to have a plug for swimming either for preference or medical reasons to keep water out of the ear. There are many types of industrial or musicians earplugs to help reduce noise-induced hearing loss from damaging work environments or entertainment venues. There are even plugs for sleeping if the sounds from a significant other keep you awake at night! They come in many colors and are custom-made to fit the individual’s ears.

Does Signia incorporate the latest technology into its products? Can you expand on that?

Yes, Signia’s newest development, Augmented Xperience (AX), is groundbreaking audiological advancement and the world’s first hearing aid platform to use two separate processors that automatically work together to deliver outstanding speech clarity. They are also the only manufacturer to provide Own Voice Processing, a technology that can separate the wearer’s own voice from other speech and noise for a natural sound, increasing first-fit acceptance to 80% and keeping patients engaged in conversations. Signia has many rechargeable or disposable battery-operated devices. They also have streaming via iPhone and some Android devices, face mask mode (a boost in speech audibility in the app to help with masked speakers), tinnitus support (sound therapies and the Signia exclusive Signia Notch Therapy for support against the annoyance of tinnitus), and Telecare (virtual connection to remote care when in-person visits aren’t ideal or possible).

If you or anyone you know is interested in improving their performance with cutting-edge hearing technology, schedule your free hearing screening today!